Meet Our Team

The Inverness Graham team is a dynamic, diverse and innovative group of experienced investors that take partnership seriously.

Alan Custer*

Senior Associate

Alec Somers

Senior Associate

Alexis Lelii

Senior Administrative Assistant, Accounting

Aliya Khaydarova

Managing Principal

Carmen Nepa


Chris Frystock


Denis Connell


John Reilly

Chief Financial Officer

Kenneth Graham

Founder & Chairman

Kohl Wimer


Luke Irons

Senior Analyst

Marla Young

Executive Assitant

Matt Howard

Senior Associate, Business Development

Matt Moran

Managing Principal

Melissa Nabedrik

Senior Analyst

Michael Morrissey

Managing Principal

Mike Britton*

Vice President

Paul Nolen

Managing Principal

Phil Ballas


Ryan Geary


Scott Kehoe

Founder & Senior Advisor

Sean Dougherty*

Principal, Talent & Operations

Sean Ennis

Assistant Controller

Sean O’Reilly*


Steve Centrella*

Senior Financial Analyst

Steve Wood*

Founder & Vice Chairman

Suzy Caviston


Trey Simpson

Vice President

Trey Sykes

Managing Principal

Victoria Penny*

Associate, Investor Relations

Wilson Tong*

Director of Capital Formation and ESG

Yilin Huo


*Designates employees of Inverness Graham Operating Group, LLC, dba Inverness Value Creation Group (“VCG”). VCG was formed to employ certain full time Operating Partners as employees to provide operational consulting and other services to the Inverness Graham portfolio companies and Inverness funds as well as retain certain executives and outside firms on a project contractor basis. For further information regarding VCG, please refer to Part 2A of Inverness Graham’s Form ADV, available on the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website.