Partnering With Industry Executives

Inverness Graham leverages a broad network of Industry Executive Partners (“IEPs”) to not only support its portfolio company management teams as they work to accelerate growth, but also to develop thesis-driven investment themes and conduct proactive target searches to create new platforms in attractive markets.

IEPs are current and former executives that possess deep vertical market expertise and a history of exceptional leadership, typically at the C-Suite level. IEPs serve as advisors and resources for Inverness Graham portfolio companies, helping to extend into adjacent markets, facilitate new customer introductions and drive growth across our platforms to support our management teams in achieving their key objectives.

With respect to new investment opportunities, Inverness Graham has partnered with a diverse group of IEPs to pursue new platform investments in several attractive verticals. We partner with IEPs at every step of the transaction process, from investment theme development and proactive sourcing, to conducting due diligence and post-transaction support of growth and strategy initiatives.

To learn more about our Industry Executive Partner Program, please contact Matt Howard.

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Partnering With Outstanding Industry Leaders

Building Value Through Strategic Transformation

Explore the four Key Levers that are the hallmark of Inverness Graham's approach to identifying and building value.

01 Alignment of Interests
02 Operational Value-Add
03 Strategic Platform Build
04 Expert Network, Proactive Sourcing
01 Alignment of Interests
02 Operational Value-Add
03 Strategic Platform Build
04 Expert Network, Proactive Sourcing

An Authentic Approach To Partnership

Inverness Graham seeks to partner with owner operators and management teams who wish to remain actively involved post-transaction in management or board roles and retain significant equity ownership stakes.

Unparalleled Operating Resources

Led by Inverness Graham's Value Creation Group, our full time internal operating team, IGI leverages over 40+ operating partners. This group is comprised of world-class resources in all key functional areas and is at the ready to support our portfolio company management teams as needed.

Accelerating Growth With Strategic Acquisitions

Inverness Graham is a strategic platform-build specialist. We partner with founding owners and management to focus on both organic and acquisitive growth to drive scale and value creation.

Industry Expertise & Relationships

IGI is currently engaged with over 40+ Industry Executive Partners. IEPs are current and former executives with in-depth vertical market expertise who bring industry perspective and contacts to support management teams to achieve their key growth initiatives.

Partnering With Innovative Market Leaders

We partner with and invest in high-growth, innovative advanced manufacturing, software, and tech-enabled services companies with leading market positions.

By employing a Strategic Platform Build approach refined over two decades and leveraging the 60-year operating heritage of the Graham Group, we support our management teams to drive organic growth while helping scale our platforms strategically through add-on acquisitions. To discuss new investment opportunities, please contact Matt Moran.

Inverness Graham’s Commitment to Sustainability

Inverness Graham Legacy & Heritage

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