Inverness Graham Announces Launch of Green Light, Dedicated Environmental Sustainability Strategy, With First Two Investments

Wayne, PA, May 18, 2023 – Inverness Graham, a Philadelphia based buyout firm that acquires innovative companies where technology is transforming traditional industry, has announced the launch of its Green Light investment strategy (“Green Light”). Green Light targets pragmatic, returns-driven investments in Environmental Sustainability, focusing on high-growth, technology-enabled lower middle market businesses that are benefiting from accelerating demand for decarbonization and more environmentally sustainable solutions across industries. The investment strategy will leverage Inverness Graham’s proprietary “Strategic Platform Build” approach that aims to accelerate strategic transformation and value creation through both its operational focus – built on a 60-year Graham Group operating heritage – and strategically focused add-on acquisitions.

Inverness Graham Green Light’s recent platform investments in liquid plant nutrition company Custom Agronomics and solar, home improvement and energy efficiency loan servicing company Concord Servicing reflect Green Light’s initial investment activity.

“Green Light is squarely focused on ‘Environmental Sustainability Now’ – businesses with products and services that provide tangible environmental improvements today,” stated Kenneth Graham, Founder and Chairman of Inverness Graham. “It is becoming abundantly clear that accelerating demand for environmentally sustainable solutions is transforming every industry as businesses strive to urgently reduce their carbon footprint and improve environmental outcomes. The Environmental Sustainability megatrend is undoubtedly generating attractive investment opportunities, but while venture capital funds focus on future solutions, Green Light targets high-growth, lower middle market businesses that offer existing solutions with environmental benefits that will compound over time and deliver on our mantra of ‘Environmental Sustainability Now’.”

Green Light will invest a dedicated pool of capital in four key investment themes: the AgTech Transition (e.g., pursuit of yield optimization); the Energy Transition (e.g., renewable energy adoption); the Industrial Transition (e.g., push toward operational efficiencies and circular economy); and the Built World Transition (e.g., focus on more efficient and sustainable infrastructure). The investment strategy builds on the firm and Graham Group’s deep heritage in sustainability (from Graham Recycling to Graham Architectural Products to the Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan).Green Light is primarily focused on control buyouts and “Strategic Platform Builds” of companies with up to $10M in EBITDA and $10M to $100M in revenue. Investments will typically require $20M to $50M of equity.

About Inverness Graham Investments

Inverness Graham is a Philadelphia based buyout firm that acquires innovative companies where technology is transforming traditional industry. The firm’s Flagship strategy focuses on high-growth businesses leveraging technology in Healthcare, Software and Advanced Manufacturing. The firm’s Green Light strategy targets technology-enabled businesses where Environmental Sustainability is a key driver of accelerating growth. Inverness Graham executes a differentiated, repeatable model for value creation through its proprietary “Strategic Platform Build” approach. Founded by senior executives of the Graham Group, the firm builds upon a 60-year legacy of operational excellence, bringing substantial value creation resources and an innovative mindset to support its portfolio company partners.