Inverness Graham Announces Acquisition of KICTeam

First investment in a broader, proprietary consumable cleaning products platform

Philadelphia, PA, May 21, 2020 – Inverness Graham Investments, a private investment firm targeting innovative software, service, and tech-enabled manufacturing companies, is pleased to announce that it has acquired KICTeam, Inc. (“KICTeam”). Based in Auburn, ME, KICTeam is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a broad range of high quality, proprietary cleaning products for electronic devices within the financial technology sector. This transaction marks the first platform investment in Inverness Graham IV, a $415M fund raised in 2019.

“KICTeam represents the start of a new Inverness platform-build initiative focused on proprietary, consumable cleaning products for a variety of high-cost-of-failure end markets,” stated Trey Sykes, Managing Principal of Inverness Graham. “KICTeam will target add on acquisitions that expand the platform’s addressable markets and add new complementary technology and services to further enhance the platform’s ability to deliver more value to its customer base.”

Ian McCormick, CEO of KICTeam, stated “cleaning has always served a critical function for our customers, and the global COVID pandemic has highlighted the long-term need for businesses to really focus on cleaning in order to reliably provide products and services to their own customer bases. By partnering with Inverness, KICTeam will be able to invest in core functions that allow for more innovative product designs, improved speed to market, and expanded distribution in a market that will continue to place increasing emphasis on cleaning going forward.”

Inverness and KICTeam together are looking for add-on acquisitions with more than $4 million in revenues that provide custom, proprietary cleaning products that serve the medical device, pharmaceutical, aerospace, semiconductor, or other specialty end markets.

Paul Hastings LLP advised Inverness Graham. CIBC Cleary Gull advised KICTeam. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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