Inverness Graham Acquires Identity Finder, LLC

Strategic Investment in Data Management Solutions Provider Enables Customers to Discover, Automatically Classify, and Protect Sensitive Information

Philadelphia, PA, January 14, 2015 – Inverness Graham, a private investment firm based in suburban Philadelphia, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Identity Finder, LLC (“Identity Finder”). Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York City, Identity Finder is a global leader in enterprise data management software focused on discovering, classifying, monitoring, and protecting sensitive information. The Company helps organizations avoid costly data breaches by finding and protecting confidential data such as personal information, medical records, credit card accounts, and intellectual property stored across the enterprise, within e‐mail, and the cloud. Inverness Graham was supported by data security industry veteran, Ramon Peypoch, who has joined the company’s board.

“The combination of the explosion of data and the growing number of data breaches over the past few years has created a unique opportunity within the security software/SaaS segment, an area proactively targeted by Inverness Graham,” stated Trey Sykes, Managing Principal of Inverness Graham.

“Identity Finder’s software discovers sensitive data with unparalleled accuracy across multiple platforms and then, unlike any other solution on the market, automatically classifies this sensitive data, allowing its customers to greatly reduce their overall sensitive data footprint with unrivaled efficiency. Managing and reducing the sensitive data footprint greatly minimizes the risk of substantial losses, especially when data breaches are so commonplace in today’s environment. We are excited to partner with an outstanding management team, who retained a substantial ownership position and will continue to manage the business operations.”

Identity Finder CEO Todd Feinman adds, “We are extremely proud of the company and the product that we have built. Our customers recognize it’s not a matter of if, but when a cyberattack will occur, and they rely on our Sensitive Data Manager technology to prevent the loss of their most valuable information assets. We help enterprises identify where their sensitive information exists so that they know the risk and can monitor, classify, and protect that at‐risk data. Our new partnership with Inverness Graham, with the relationships and resources they bring to bear, will enable us to drive growth and accelerate value for both our customers and shareholders. We will not only be able to accelerate the expansion of our product capabilities, but also substantially broaden our partnership opportunities with companies providing complementary product offerings. We have a unique product that can be the underlying engine that significantly increases the value of existing products in the market.”

Though terms were not disclosed, Abacus Finance Group, LLC provided the senior debt to finance this transaction.

About Identity Finder, LLC

Identity Finder is the leading provider of sensitive data management technologies enabling companies to identify and minimize the risks associated with costly data breaches. Their data discovery and automatic classification solutions add significant value to data management and security programs employed by today’s enterprises. Their customers are empowered to protect their reputation, prevent data leakage, comply with regulations, and make informed decisions on security spend. They have helped thousands of businesses and millions of individuals prevent data loss and identity theft.

About Inverness Graham Investments

Headquartered in Newtown Square, PA, Inverness Graham is an operationally focused private investment firm with over $250 million of assets under management. Inverness Graham acquires high growth, innovative manufacturing and services companies. Our approach is as unique as our heritage. Founded by senior executives of the Graham Group, a family owned multi‐national industrial concern, we bring unparalleled resources developed over a 50 year operating history to support our portfolio companies. Inverness Graham partners with businesses to provide the financial and operational support necessary to accelerate growth while enabling owners to achieve their key liquidity objectives.