Building Strategic Platforms of Enduring Value

We are a private investment firm that acquires innovative, high-growth businesses leveraging technology in healthcare, software, advanced manufacturing and environmental sustainability. Our approach is as unique as our heritage and builds on the 60-year operating legacy of the Graham Group.

Inverness Graham executes a proprietary Strategic Platform Build approach, focusing on driving both organic and acquisitive growth as a means of accelerating strategic transformation and value creation.

Our tenured investment team and Value Creation Group, including Senior Operating Partners and other operational and functional specialists, work side-by-side with our portfolio company management teams to execute a value creation strategy that can achieve outstanding outcomes.

The Graham Legacy: An Operating Heritage Built On 60 Years of Technology & Innovation


From The Beginning

In 1960, Donald C. Graham opened a design engineering firm in a farmhouse basement in York, Pennsylvania.

The Graham Group

Since that time, The Graham Group has led innovations in packaging, machinery, recycling, and building products and has undergone tremendous growth, international expansion and a focus on industries ranging from industrial technologies and advanced manufacturing to software development, health care, education and sports.

60 Years Later

Inverness Graham was founded by senior executives of the Graham Group. This group was an alliance of independently owned and operated industrial and investment management businesses that shared in the common legacy of entrepreneur Donald C. Graham’s industrial success.


Today, members of The Graham Group own and operate businesses in over 30 industries across a diverse array of markets including software, wireless and mobility, building products, and healthcare—to name a few.